Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Leaky Fountain Pens and an Ink Nib

I'm writing a book! I don't think I have properly mentioned this before on my blog. I have made presumptions about when I would get the book out before and found that life keeps interfering with all my plans (and I have been working on a lot other things.)

I'm following one of my writer & artist companions in making a place for my writing - he's awesome, so check him out too.

Leaky Fountain Pens

My First Post!

For the website, I made some art. I've been having a lot of fun playing with shape and line lately, I think it's really pushing my artwork into a wonderful new place.

I started with some sketches and picked one:

Sketch of Logo
 I took it into Illustrator and vectored the shapes I wanted, then transferred the shapes to Photoshop. I usually do colour changes in Illustrator if I am already working in it, since it's much easier for me that way.

Below are some iterations on the close-to-final design. I was playing with adding a handle to the pen nib, as well as a nib colour change.

Iterations on the design.
 I decided I liked the gold nib vignette as a logo or an avatar for my page, while I thought the pen handle made a great illustration.
Final logo/avatar design.

Poster version of design.

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥

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