Monday, August 31, 2015

Large Update! Onto The Next Adventure!

A lot has happened since I last updated so I am going to do a big update here! Facebook recently shared an image that I worked on for India's Independence Day.

This is really exciting to me. It's the kind of work that I want to keep promoting - diversity! Check out the article here.

Let's go back in time a little. I was part of The Beehive Society's Missed Connections Pop-Up Art Show in July. Everything was based off of a Craig's List post from the Missed Connections section. As you have probably guessed ... things got weird. This is the piece I made for the show, along with the inspiration.

Digital with Mixed Media Overlay

I was unable to attend the show since Ryan and I had a Minnesotan reception to attend. It was a blast seeing his family and having my artwork on a cake!

 While we were visiting with Ryan's extended family, Facebook released more props I worked on for them! Of course I got to work on wedding items at some point. Check them out in the Facebook prop store (they're free!)

My time with Facebook came and went. I do think this was one of my more favorite jobs, and had such a pleasure working there. I hope I can do so again some day. I will miss all the amazing people I worked with.

Ryan and I hung out with friends, visited FB together, and a good friend of mine got me box of going-away cupcakes because ...

We moved! It has been draining and rewarding! I am so tired. We decided to do all of the difficult things in the same year: Start a new job, get married, & move across the country. That just means that next year will be easier ... right?

It was crazy to see our apartment all packed for us & our car being shipped out.
 On August 14th all of my stuff got packed for me and shipped across the country. On August 15th I did a red eye flight all the way to Orlando, Florida. On August 16th, I landed and of course immediately went to DISNEY WORLD! Who needs sleep?! I'll sleep when I'm dead! (Or now. I can sleep now.)

Of course not all of us are so thrilled with the move.

"Day 20. I am beginning to doubt I will ever see my cat tree again. Fey keeps eating from my food dish. Hope is diminishing by the day. They move us to a new room every week. This labyrinth of a house is designed to drive a cat insane. - Decaf" (written by Ryan Paulson)
So now we are here in Florida and I have to say I like it so far. We moved for Ryan's work - this is a great job for him and I am so proud. He has always been such a support for me, so now it's my turn. I am back to strictly freelance work for now, but I don't mind that. I rather enjoy the freedom it gives!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July and Friends of the Forest

Alright, here's a little update post! So between the post about donuts and this one, a lot has happened. I have started working with Facebook as a contract employee, visited Kauai (HI for the first time!!), I got MARRIED.

Ryan and I are now happily married, which is awesome. People have asked me if this changes anything from before, and to them I would say subtle things have changed, but not a whole lot. It makes you more aware of all the little wonderful things that happen. It's kind of like falling in love all over again.

At any rate, here are just a couple of things I have worked on with Facebook. They have this awesome app for your phone called "Stickered" where you can add these little stickers all over your photos. You can also add them directly from your computer - when you are going to post a photo, you can edit the picture and add stickers from there! It's really fun :D

4th of July Pack:

Forgot to post about these on the 4th since my cats were being such rambunctious party animals last night! Decaf got wasted. Go dress up your photos with some good ol' 'Merican pride!

Friends of the Forest Pack:

Go check them out on Facebook! Get those stickers and get stickin' :D

Missed Connections

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I have gone through quite a bit since my last post, but I am back and posting up another show with The Beehive Society. RSVP for the Missed Connections Pop-Up Art Show!

Please feel free to post these around to get the word out about the show. I won't be able to personally make it, but there will be art, food, booze, & friends to be made!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Mmm ...
Acrylic on Wood

Here was my final piece for the Springfield, Springfield show! The ladies over at The Beehive Society did a fantastic job putting everything together and the show looked awesome! Make sure to see all the other amazing work at the store, here →

Monday, January 5, 2015

Springfield, Springfield! Reminder

A while back I posted up this "Springfield, Springfield!" post! Here is a little reminder for the show:

Who's Invited: YOU! Everyone!
When: Friday • January 16th • 6-10 PM
Where: Asterisk Gallery • 3156 24th St.  San Francisco, CA 94110
The 24th Mission BART stop is only a couple blocks away!
How: Thanks to the lovely ladies from The Beehive Society!

Here is a little preview of my piece called "Mmm..." The original will be for sale, along with prints! Hope to see you all there!