Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plane Drawings

Some sketches from around Christmas time when I was in the airplane with Ry-guy ... That guy next to him was really tired haha.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scifi suits

I had this bizarre dream where there were these strange suits that were used to protect people from zombies. But still the zombies were able to break in to the outfits. So strange. I made some designs off of what the outfit looked like. The feature I remember the best was that there was a glass helmet and it was actually really tall.

More figure drawings from the park - I found a better location! :D I can stand over people and they don't really notice me so much haha. The hardest part about drawing people is when they notice me and they get flustered. For the most part, people move a lot any way so these are all really quick studies ranging from a few seconds to a couple minutes. Kids move the most, so each one is mostly from memory of that child. And they do weird things. The girl at the bottom was waking around with her head pushed down and a stiff upper body - she reminded me of the youngest girl in Mama, Lilly.

So part of the reason I have been posting up these photos from Instagram rather than scanning them in and making them all clean is because it is just faster to get them to all of you for viewing whether you follow me mainly on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook! Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have a link up to Instagram, but I still post up these photos here!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Mine, Valentine~

Fox Studies!

Some studies I did from the park again, day before yesterday .. yeah I went back! :]

Yesterday I was very focused on Valentine's Day stuff and Ry and I celebrated part of yesterday and we will be celebrating the rest of the way tonight. I made a scavenger hunt of love for him :] It was really fun to put together. I gave him this card first:

Which had the middle piece in it so he had it with him all along. With each hint he found he got a gift and a puzzle piece that was wrapped so he couldn't tell what it was. Then when he found all of the eight other pieces, he opened them up and put the puzzle together. The last piece of course was the one he had first and it was him! My missing puzzle piece~ 

Sometimes I feel like life is going so fast, we don't take time to really enjoy what we have. I am so happy to have Ryan in my life and I don't know what I would do without him. I wanted to celebrate that with him and so I took time to put this all together. When you do something like this deliberately, it really pays off. Try putting something together that only you could have done. It will mean the world to that other person. Seeing Ryan fill up with love and happiness made me the happiest person alive.

If you were too busy this Valentine's day or didn't have someone to share it with, look at all the love in your life and realize that you have a lot. Take time on another day. Valentine's day is just one day. It's almost like a reminder of "look, remember that there is love in all places and that you are loved" but it is not the only day you can celebrate. If you aren't feeling loved or that there will never be love for you, know that there is always someone out there who loves you, even when you don't think there is. I am sending my love to you and I hope all of you have the greatest Valentine's Day!


P.S. If you would like, I will send you a custom Valentine! Send me an email letting me know if you would like one!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sketch It Out

Black Beard, you have so much hair to work with~!
Been rewatching Sailor Moon~! So much nostalgia.
Faux sailor scout, "Halley's Comet"

Little ink drawing of Jessica Rabbit sleeping.

Recently has been a time of SKETCHING~! Mighty sketching. LOTS of sketching. More sketching than seen here. The top drawings are all ink, but the bottom three are some study pages of goats, rabbits, and people. I got to go to the park yesterday with one of my friends and even though we ended up talking more than drawing, it was awesome to draw with someone else.

I am thinking I may go back to the park again today.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Zelda Fan - Malon's Girl

Navi is probably following behind her saying “HEY! HEY!! LISTEN!! That milk could be bad …” or “WATCHOUT! There’s a twig on the path.”

So lately I have been working on a lot of things at once haha, but it's very enjoyable work at least. :] One of the many things I have been making is a series of kids from Zelda. This is Malon & Link's little girl, if they were to have kids. I have plans for other combinations too so it's been fun to work on. Mostly I just wanted to paint some of the things I loved from my childhood, but I like to add a twist to my fan art.

I have always loved the Legend of Zelda series. My brother and I were really lucky my dad bought the system, and so we got to enjoy early titles like Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Zelda, and so many more older games that really set the bar for the time. Eventually we got the Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time for the N64. My mom had to convince us that the game would still be there when we got back from playing outside. As the games would come out I got to play Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess .... all very good and all making me into the gamer I am today.

I don't think I have mentioned just how much I love games. I LOVE games. I think they are a great medium with which you can tell a story, bond over, and learn with. My family is a gaming family and that's anything from card games and board games, to console and computer games. I feel very fortunate that I got to have the experience of playing a multitude of games in my lifetime, and still do.

This could become an EXTREMELY long post with how many games I have played ._.; so I won't do that ... for now~. What I will say is this: If you ever have questions about what games I play, hit me up with an email or message! I play a LOT of games and they can range from Tetris to Skyrim. I don't even think that is really a good explanation of my range of gameplay, but we will go with that.

Here is the sketch that made this piece happen! More to come~!

Thanks for viewing!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Back Problems

Recently threw out my back because I am so out of shape, getting out of bed was enough to do it.
Now I am walking and stretching EVERY DAY and eating more vegetables & fruits, as well as drinking more water. HAH! Take that body! :9

Sunday, February 2, 2014


A dear friend of mine is off traveling the world and I made this quick table sketch at her going away gathering. I really miss her~

Every once in a while I get to talk to her on my chat, and she mentioned that she needed to get up and going. So of course, like the weirdo I am, I drew her butt moving! Why not? >.>;

Hope she is having fun, adventuring!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Bunny Lindsey~

This was a birthday card I made for a friend. :] I think it came out pretty well~! She has bunnies instead of cats, so I covered her in them!! >.>; I can draw other animals <.<; mrr ...

Friday, January 31, 2014

Centaur! ... Ette :9

Felt really inspired by all the awesome centaur drawings on Tumblr. I had no idea why so many people were drawing centaurs until someone posted it up that it was a prompt. from Sketch_Dailies. Sometimes I think I am behind on the internets. This is based off the Fantasia centaurettes, specifically designed around Fred Moore’s work. I always liked this centaurette in particular. Next I am going to draw Jessica Rabbit!


Her dress is falling off! Little Savannah cat pinup ;] just big cuddlers!

Have you seen these things? They are huge cats!!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brush Pens

I made this post a while back elsewhere, but I feel like it was worth mentioning on my sketchblog. Like I mentioned previously for my goals, I want to give some art tips this year and this is one of them!!
People were asking "What brush pens do you use?" These are them! The top pen was recommended to me from my friend, the fabulous Jemma Salume. I love it, but my heavy hand makes the actual brush pens smudge way too much. I still dabble with them from time to time. The next one is kind of more like a felt-tip pen, called IDentipen. Next is a pen the lovely Shiu Pei Luu intoduced to me. Again it is a full on brush pen. The silver/grey pen is a zebra (a brand that had really worked for me) and is one of my all time favorites! I also love the following blue pen, a Kuretake. The next pen I was introduced to by the awesome Robert Chew. It mixes very well with a water brush. The last brush is also a favorite and another zebra. These pens are all very good, I use them for different things. You will find your stride with brush pens the more you play with them!

An Aurora in A Cateralls

Made an Aurora Cateralls to say thanks for giving me the Caterall suggestion ;] She's too cute.

I love black cats! My first cat I went out and got with Ryan was a black cat named Voodoo. Unfortunately he passed away at a young age, but I will always have a fondness for black cats. For some reason, people are really superstitious still and think they are evil or unlucky ...? Uhh he was the one of the sweetest cats ever and whenever I was sad he would cheer me up. Also the year that I had him I felt like I was still really lucky in life. Adopt black kitties!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halloween Remembrances

Technically this was a piece from back near Halloween that I just decided “Meh I’ll wrap it up” :p The story behind this is here, on my Halloween post.

Here are a few tidbits about me from this time in my life:

1. My friend and I were inseparable at this point so pretty much we could do no wrong in each other’s book. So me eating candy on her back she would have just laughed, and her calling me the heaviest creature alive I would have just ignored and kept eating candy.

2. I wasn’t actually this coordinated. And I am still not. I could never ride on anyone’s back without looking like a rag-doll, so candy would never happen.

3. If I could have eaten candy while riding around on people’s backs, I am pretty sure I would have become a blob demanding back rides all the time, never to walk again.

4. I am traditionally a brunette! My hair was always unruly and annoying when it was brown.

5. I am wearing a Dorothy dress from when I was 12. Yeah. I was pretty tiny.

6. I never wore heels so it made sense I hurt myself like an idiot. I still have those shoes.

7. I was and am still stubborn enough that when I am hurt, I am not easy to take care of. “Put me down! :< I can walk!! *bleeds everywhere* I’m fine! *walks at snail’s pace* See?! *slowly starts to kneel down and army crawls home*” Luckily, my friend would tell me to shut up and keep carrying me anyway.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Robot Rock!

Robot Rock! Rock ouuuuut~ 5th in the series for Space Girls and Robots. Love this one very much.

I have to say I have had the DJ Hero Mix "Robot Rock" by Daft Punk and "We Will Rock You" by Queen has been stuck in my head lately. One of my more favorite mixes. If you haven't heard it check it out~!

Living Blanket

Comfy cozy cat blanket~ I am lucky that Decaf and Fey both want to be my living blankets every day. Often at the same time which is hard since Decaf is no small cat and I am a tiny human.

I recently bought these 2"x2" tiny, tiny canvases and I am trying to thing what to paint on them. Ryan gave me a plethora of ideas for larger pieces yesterday, but not so much for these small ones. If anyone has some ideas, let me know. Otherwise I will pick something from the list :9 but I would love to hear people's thoughts.

Hope everyone is having a warm day! If not, go grab a blanket!!

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