Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July and Friends of the Forest

Alright, here's a little update post! So between the post about donuts and this one, a lot has happened. I have started working with Facebook as a contract employee, visited Kauai (HI for the first time!!), I got MARRIED.

Ryan and I are now happily married, which is awesome. People have asked me if this changes anything from before, and to them I would say subtle things have changed, but not a whole lot. It makes you more aware of all the little wonderful things that happen. It's kind of like falling in love all over again.

At any rate, here are just a couple of things I have worked on with Facebook. They have this awesome app for your phone called "Stickered" where you can add these little stickers all over your photos. You can also add them directly from your computer - when you are going to post a photo, you can edit the picture and add stickers from there! It's really fun :D

4th of July Pack:

Forgot to post about these on the 4th since my cats were being such rambunctious party animals last night! Decaf got wasted. Go dress up your photos with some good ol' 'Merican pride!

Friends of the Forest Pack:

Go check them out on Facebook! Get those stickers and get stickin' :D

Missed Connections

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I have gone through quite a bit since my last post, but I am back and posting up another show with The Beehive Society. RSVP for the Missed Connections Pop-Up Art Show!

Please feel free to post these around to get the word out about the show. I won't be able to personally make it, but there will be art, food, booze, & friends to be made!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Mmm ...
Acrylic on Wood

Here was my final piece for the Springfield, Springfield show! The ladies over at The Beehive Society did a fantastic job putting everything together and the show looked awesome! Make sure to see all the other amazing work at the store, here →

Monday, January 5, 2015

Springfield, Springfield! Reminder

A while back I posted up this "Springfield, Springfield!" post! Here is a little reminder for the show:

Who's Invited: YOU! Everyone!
When: Friday • January 16th • 6-10 PM
Where: Asterisk Gallery • 3156 24th St.  San Francisco, CA 94110
The 24th Mission BART stop is only a couple blocks away!
How: Thanks to the lovely ladies from The Beehive Society!

Here is a little preview of my piece called "Mmm..." The original will be for sale, along with prints! Hope to see you all there!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bring in 2015!

Bring in 2015!

Goodbye 2014!

Happy New Year, everyone! This past year was crazy for me. I was looking back over my year and was surprised at how much I did. 2015 will be even more jam-packed with things to do, places to go, and people to meet!

Back in this post, I mentioned things that I wanted to achieve throughout the year. Here they are along with some of my other goals for 2014, and my accomplishments:


  1. Art book: Made "Kitty Couture"
  2. Official "Art of Chelsea Loren Edwards" website: Go see it!
  3. Blog about video game adventures: Here! Add me as a friend on Steam!
  4. Art tutorials: I made a Tumblr page and Pinterest board dedicated to art tips and tricks.
  5. Travel: Went to Oregon & Japan in 2014! Also camped in the Marin Headlands with Ryan and my friend, Sam. Neither Ryan nor I had gone camping since we were teenagers and it was our first time together! Now I wanna do more camping! :D
  6. More involvement in art community: APE and Mixed Tape Gallery.
  7. Inktober: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3!

A lot of 2015's goals will be similar to 2014 because I just want to keep doing these things! Here are just some of my goals for this year:


  1. Draw more frequently! To encourage this, I am currently putting together a list of 365 drawing ideas, round robin style. If you would like, draw along with me! I want to make all 365 ideas this year and maybe put them together in a book. I already know that I won't be able to do a drawing a day because I am getting married in the near future and weddings are a lot more work than I thought they would be! ._.; Haha all the same I want to make them, so some days I will be drawing more than others.
  2. Make more master copies and studies. I have found I learn a lot when I do master copies and I want to keep learning.
  3. Get a shop set up. Right now I have Etsy, but I am not in love with it.
  4. Make another art book. I already have some ideas for this - thinking of doing either "Kids of Legend of Zelda"  or "Space Girls and Robots." Also with my 365-drawings I want to put that together in a book.
  5. Finish Website. To clarify, I still have to actually finish the website - really it's a construction page.
  6. Continue involvement in art community. The Beehive Society is already doing another show in January called "Springfield, Springfield!" I am excited to be a part of more of their shows. I also want to do Inktober again. I feel like it was a great way to see people's work and to be involved.
  7. First draft of book, written. Originally I had intended to have the art and book done by Spring. And then life happened! I still want to get at least the first draft written. It's a story I have had milling around in my head for a while so I should be able to get that done.
  8. Blog & YouTube about video games & art. I want to do more blogging & YouTube videos about video games and art. I didn't actually get to make my own tutorials this year, I ended up giving out a lot of advice or teaching people individually. I would like to make some wide-scale tutorials. For the video games ... it's an excuse, but I think part of the reason I didn't get around to doing more posts was in-part to me saying that I was going to write about Starbound next. This was as I got all the final gear so I thought "What is there to cover?" Then I kept thinking "This was the one I said I was going to do next ... now let's do nothing." Yeah, that's sometimes how my brain works. I will do better this year haha. It didn't help that the Sims 4 came out when I was able to play video games again and I was playing that every night. >.>;
  9. Travel. This is going to happen thanks to the honeymoon! The plan is to go somewhere tropical. We are nailing down plans this weekend. :) Also we will be going to Minnesota later this year and more than likely Oregon. I have been wanting to take Ryan to Yosemite since he has never been, so I will be looking at that as well.
  10. Have a happy wedding and honeymoon. As long as I'm with Ryan, I am pretty sure everything should be okay. Wish me luck!
What are your goals for this new year? Do you have any suggestions for me? Hope all of you are having a fantastic start to 2015!