A Day at Daytona Beach

If you ever meet me in person while I am drawing or painting, I am very awkward and shy about it. Most things I can handle, but compliments are not one of them.

Ryan and I went to Daytona Beach this weekend, which was gorgeous, but so busy! We went to an amazing little restaurant and I drew this young, energetic boy sitting at a bar. (He moved quite a bit, but it was still fun to draw him) Originally I thought he was waiting with his dad for a pick up order, but it turned out that he was a relative of someone working at the shop.

When the server came by to grab our empty baskets, she gasped in delight and waved the boy over to look at the piece. She looked like she was almost in tears and started praising me. I think I drew her kid. Her son gave a flourish, gesturing to himself, which was adorable.

I immediately froze and proceeded to say "Hehe thanks!" over and over again as if those were the only words I knew. Like I said, I get embarrassed quickly around compliments.

After she walked away, I added some last touches to the piece. When she got back behind the bar, she yelled over, "You made my day!" This of course made mine.


Playing Cupid

Hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day! I was happy to spend it with the man I love! ♥

Be mine, Valentine?


Field Mice Sketches

Some cute little field mice that I sketched for a study. Happy Friday, folks!

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥


Florida Snow Panthers

The Florida state animal is the Florida Panther. Apparently when they are young they are spotted! I made this cute illustration for someone in Florida who missed the snow.

It's now up on my RedBubble and InPrnt!


A CLE Gift Guide

Hey folks! It's been a while, I know~ I have been super busy! Thanks for stickin' around though. ♥

I thought I would stop by and post up some of the work I put up for sale on my Redbubble and InPrnt!

"Catastrophic" Shirt               Fancy Kitty Clocks            Pineapple Phone Case

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! Stay warm!

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥


Eggscape the Fridge

Omigosh I am so excited to share this game I worked on with my friend, Yanni!! We did a Weekly Game Jam on where people make games in a week! It was a lot of work jam packed into a small amount of time, but we pulled it off.

Eggscape the Fridge:

Art was made by yours truly~! It was a different style than I've worked with before and to me that's a lot of fun. I like havin' a challenge! I will post up the concept art next week ;D Hope you have a wonderful day!

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥



Ryan and I have made a new series called LISA on our YouTube channel, Cute Gamer Couple.

Check it out!


Wedding Invitations

This was the design I made for Ryan and my wedding invitations! I loved painting this piece, though it was a hefty project to take on.

Printing and assembly was thankfully done with the help of Ryan.True love~! In each of the birds mouth a was the end of some twine and on the inside, as the recipient opened the card, the knot would be tied.

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥


Life Update!

Hey folks :) I recently had my mom in town for Mother's Day, which was amazing! We got to do a bunch of fun stuff, but best part was just hanging out with my mom.
Right before she came for a visit, I don't know why, but I felt the NEED to make a table for our office. So Ryan and I worked on it and made it happen! Now the office is much more comfortable for both of us.


Too Many Things!

Hey all!

So it's been a while, and I am not gonna make excuses so I will just move on to the main meat of the post.

Cute Gamer Couple Banner with CGC logo, Ryan, & Chelsea

I am jumping into the CuteGamerCouple twitch streaming channel with both feet!

You can also see my Chillin' With Chelsea show on YouTube.

Ryan and I are planning a lot of things for CGC on YouTube and Twitch, one being an art show! I will let you know as soon as we get that up and running.

Now for some much needed arts! I took on the Wild West Challenge for Art Station.