Friday, March 27, 2009

Self Portrait - One of Many!

Self Portrait! We were not able to use line so I tried my ding dang darndest.
So this was actually done at the beginning of the semester, but whatever. I am really tired as of late and feeling kinda burned out. But I am going to push myself to finish the year with a bang! Oh! By the way my tablet crapped out on me. I have been using my brother's as of late and he needs it too so it's difficult. I really want to make more art for myself and I have a lot of ideas of what I want to do. But that means that I will need my tablet and more discipline. I have this funny habit of getting side tracked real easy. Like I am supposed to be writing an essay right now .... >.>;


Jubhubmubfub said...

Hey, it turned out really good, what was your grade? You gotta get another tablet or something, i know bamboo's are cheap, like $70.

Nadia Moon said...

this is a great portrait!

- said...

Whoa this is some serious stuff girl!

Chelsea Loren Edwards said...

Thankies. :]