Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dancing Through the Tulips

This little girl is dancing through the tulips

My mom has been in town for a week and we went to Disney World, Magic Kingdom! We got to go on all the rides and one was the It's A Small World ride, so of course I got inspired. Think I will make a gouache painting based on the ride. I love Mary Blair's amazing design work!

We also went to Universal Studios which was a blast. I love the Harry Potter sections *-* so cool. They are celebrating HP on January 30th at Universal - not sure if I want to pay for a whole ticket to do that. So expensive!! Ryan and I have all the movies and are big nerds though haha so maybe we will have to do a marathon. We got house pins. Ryan is a Ravenclaw ... I placed him. He had a hard time placing me, but I picked Slytherin. Hee hee hee ... err mwahaha?

I'm also going to be doing more gardening - I have an acorn. Oh and vegetables ... but I have a picture of the acorn.

That review for pens is still coming - I'll post it up this weekend so be on the lookout!

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥

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