Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brush & Metallic Pen Overview

Sketch of an elf woman dipping her toes in a lily pond.

Hey all I am super busy as of late so a sketch will have to do! I want to do some more complicated work and gouache paintings and things that I haven't gotten around to on my blog in a bit, so I will be working on that.

I did however put together an overview of what I have been using lately for my ink drawings.

I have been really loving the Pentel which I got back in college and rediscovered my love for. Great tip to it and you can buy refills of ink. Initial price is $13.50 with two refills so that's pretty good! It's not waterproof so it does bleed, but it's very black.
Picture of the Pentel brush pen's tip.

Kuretake Brush Pen: The Wink of Luna (Gold) is just beautiful. It's a bit thicker in the tip. I think one of my favorite parts about this pen is how it lays. It's pretty opaque so there is nice play in it. It's $9 for one so it is a little more spendy than a lot of brush pens, especially for its inkwell size. Just don't use it on everything hah!

Sorry about my super dry hands haha but I wanted to show the tip difference. The other pens are pretty good. The one from Daiso is officially the least expensive hah but it works pretty well. Since it was Daiso and unmarked otherwise, it was $1.50 in San Francisco. Unfortunately I don't know the name!

The other two Kuretake (silver & gold) are more like a felt brush pen tip so they don't make such a thin line as the brush pen. They are reasonably priced at $2.50 each.

Hope these are helping people find pens they like! Prices seem to vary so I recommend price hunting if that is important to you. I often use JetPens or Amazon.

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