Monday, October 6, 2014

APE 2014

APE was awesome!! Shiu Pei and her tattoos were a serious success and both of our books did really well! Make sure to buy a book from her before they are all gone  hers are darling & limited edition. We met wonderful people, had great booth neighbors, lovely company, & ate delicious food. Because in the end, that's really what it's all about. The food, I mean. :9

Kitty Couture:

The making of!
All done!
My ‪‎Kitty Couture‬ ‪handmade‬ ‪books‬ all wrapped up and ready for ‎APE‬  These are the first print run and I will be doing 100 of them. Make sure to get your paws on these ‪‎cat‬ fashion‬ sensations! I will let you know the instant I get them up in the shop!

Our Booth:

Day 1!

APE Swag:

‪Swag‬ from ‪APE‬! I love all my things ♡

Got some really cool ‪‎comics‬ from two guys who I wish could have been tabling at ‪APE‬! Gonna hunker down and read some comics later for sure.

Got some sweet ‪tattoos, a ‪sticker & a ‪‎handmade ‪‎miniature ‪‎book from Shiu Pei! Definitely purchase a book from her before they are all gone - they are ‪‎limited edition

Got this lovely print from Kei Acedera! I just adore the proportions of Alice and of course I like cats haha. Bobby Chiu and Kei were wonderful table neighbors. Now I need to go get frames and hang my prints up! I think that's all of the ‪swag from APE!

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