Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take It Or Leave It

For those who were wondering what the sneak peak was for, here is the final piece posted up for the Party Mixtape Show put on by the fabulous Beehive Society! The piece is titled Take It Or Leave It and is acrylic on wood. The show itself was neat because every artist put in a song and then the songs were mixed up and each artist got a new song back - hence, mixtape. The song I received was Take It Or Leave It by Cage The Elephant. Go listen to it!

I got very inspired by the stripes from the cover and thought the sound of the song was very 60's-70's influenced. It reminded me of some of The Beetles' work. I also thought it reminded me of some love sonnets I have read in the past where the poets were trying to woo a woman. The sonnets usually read how that life was fleeting and the woman should lay with them (even though in those days, women wanted to make sure they were married) because soon they would both be dead.

The show was amazing and all of the artwork came out phenomenal. My only sadness is I don't have a better camera because the picture doesn't do it justice! Take It Or Leave It was lovingly taken home by a wonderful couple at the show, but there are still prints available!

If you are looking for some awesome art, go to The Beehive Society's new shop! The rest of the works from the show are there as well, and you can still purchase an 8.5" x 11" print of Take It Or Leave It.

More close ups to come!

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