Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Demon

I found a group that will put up prompts every Friday. There are a lot of societies like this out there, and sometimes I like to join in. It's great I found it after Inktober to keep me inking. From the word "melody," sprung forth this character:
I'm not entirely sure what she is. Ryan has been trying to probe me for answers but I rather like her being a mystery. I feel though that she is dangerous and best to stay away.

I have thick hair and I am growing it out right now ... sometimes it's too warm. I was feeling very irritated at it so I drew the same creature curtsying while nibbling at her hair. I really don't entirely know where she came from. When I was drawing her, Ryan said, "I love your creepy hair demons." Now that's what they are.

Sometimes, I feel like my mind has a mind of it's own.

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