Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scifi suits

I had this bizarre dream where there were these strange suits that were used to protect people from zombies. But still the zombies were able to break in to the outfits. So strange. I made some designs off of what the outfit looked like. The feature I remember the best was that there was a glass helmet and it was actually really tall.

More figure drawings from the park - I found a better location! :D I can stand over people and they don't really notice me so much haha. The hardest part about drawing people is when they notice me and they get flustered. For the most part, people move a lot any way so these are all really quick studies ranging from a few seconds to a couple minutes. Kids move the most, so each one is mostly from memory of that child. And they do weird things. The girl at the bottom was waking around with her head pushed down and a stiff upper body - she reminded me of the youngest girl in Mama, Lilly.

So part of the reason I have been posting up these photos from Instagram rather than scanning them in and making them all clean is because it is just faster to get them to all of you for viewing whether you follow me mainly on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook! Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't have a link up to Instagram, but I still post up these photos here!

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