Friday, April 8, 2011

Walking Dead

Hey guys and gals, so I am alive!! I just am really busy right now :p I am currently working on the paintings for Japan's aid. Also, working my batooty off for school and analyzing my portfolio. I am having a lot of fun this semester, but like everyone else attending the Academy, I am exhausted!

Part of the reason I am tired is I got a kitten (about a month ago and he is a rescue kitty ♥.) We named him Decaf, and he is just the opposite. He is ... I think 10 months old. I will check that later. There are times when he seems like a giant, and others where he looks tiny. I think he looks bigger because Ryan and I are tiny and we live in a tiny apartment full of tiny things. He loves laps and often climbs into mine when I am reading or painting. I don't mind too much, it's just kind of a bother when I have a deadline in a few hours or the next day. He frequently attempts to sleep in my lap, which is one of the reasons he looks like a giant as he spills over the sides of my legs.

Pictures may be posted later. I apologize for the lack of art being posted lately. I have a handful and I just need to get a little less lazy.


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