Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artist Help Japan

Okay ... It's been so long! I have been pretty busy and then I was sick .... the list goes on with excuses. ANY way, I am heart broken by what is happening in Japan and I stumbled upon some art work that Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera had provided to sell for donations for Japan's aid. I thought "hmm maybe I could do something like that ... " I found out where they were donating to and decided I would work towards that same goal of selling work for helping Japan. I wanted to let other artists who are watching this know about Give 2 Asia and Artists Help Japan. If you don't have money, donate some time to make an art piece if you can afford it!

I haven't started making anything yet, but this was to let people know about the project. Of course, all money made from selling my work made for this project would go to Japan's aid, by Give 2 Asia/Artists Help Japan.

Thank you~

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