Monday, August 24, 2009

A User's Guide to Gouache

Step One: Dig out remaining Colour and Design tools.

Step Two: Remember you broke all of your brushed on those trees you did on your atmospheric perspective project and that you are missing half of your paints.

Step Three: Go to the nearest art store, only to realize they haven't had at least five of the colours that you need since the 70's. Run around San Francisco to find missing art supplies.

Step Four: Go back and begin filling up your palette. Break the skin on your hand while opening your paints and get paint flecks everywhere from your old tubes.

Step Five: Mix a colour that will take you hours to make.

Step Six: Fill up your water and add to paint. You add too much and your paint runs all over the page. As you attempt to fix your paint, you add too much and change the colour so you have to start all over again.

Step Seven: Now your paint is too thick but you don't realize because it is two in the morning. Lay down globs of paint and wreck your piece.

Step Eight: F*** it.

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Thomas Gronbukt said...

I am sensing some frustration here.