Friday, August 7, 2009

Emily the Explorer

So this is what I was working on when I wasn't able to post. I made a Children's book in less than two weeks! :D
I've pretty much been showing it off to everybody - I really like it and hope you all do too. If you would like to make a purchase from me, give me a request through email. There are still some changes I would like to make to it before shipping it off. This was made with traditional mediums, gouache and watercolours.

Does anyone think the name/theme is too similar to "Dora the Explorer"? I don't really think so because I don't have a rhyme thing going on and Emily doesn't know Spanish, and mine is more about real learning as opposed to "find the cookies". Plus, that's what she is. An Explorer. If anyone has any suggestions for another name or anything like that, let me know. :]


Jubhubmubfub said...

Emily the Awesome

Chelsea Loren Edwards said...

Yes. That is now the official name.