Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chelsea Dreams of Farming

Hey Chickadees!

My character from Stardew Valley.
One of the activities I have been releasing some stress with is this awesome video game, Stardew Valley. Oh. My. Gosh. I love this game.  
I have been a huge Harvest Moon fan since I played the N64 version when I was little. Stardew Valley is modeled after the HM series. One of the games Ryan and I had talked about making was an homage to HM with a few additions. I'm going to have to keep an eye on this game as well now! The guy who made it did a really great job and made some wonderful additions to the game. It's only $15 on Steam so check it out!

It's pretty great, you can actually woo/marry another character that is the same gender as you. Usually when I play HM the bachelorettes are way cuter and more well designed than the bachelors. Well this part doesn't really change in Stardew - I am not a fan of most of the guys - BUT I can woo the ladies as a lady, which is awesome! I picked Maru as my dream girl (when I decide, I don't really go after anyone else haha) and I am up to three hearts!

Also you can fight monsters and stuff *-* which I love. I know there is a series that is HM with fighting, but part of the reason I love HM is because it's rpg cute, not fantasy pretty.

When I first planted my garden.
How does my garden grow? Like this~
Start of a bellpepper.
Bounty of basil!
Another activity is gardening. I posted a while back that I had started a garden, but didn't show it. Unfortunately the acorn did not make it, but everything else has been doing amazing. I am super impressed with how fast things grow!

See you next time, chickadees!

♥ Chelsea Loren Edwards ♥

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