Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Inktober 2015

Hello hello! I want to share with all of you the drawings I made for Inktober this year - I am really sad I didn't get to fully participate. I have been so busy! I am also sad that I don't get to share everything I do. Sometimes companies don't end up releasing assets I make, and while I had fun making it I also would have loved to show you all!

I will be making an effort to post more often. It's hard to keep up with all the social mediums and often I am drawing and not posting things up. I hope you decide to stick with me and follow along on my art journey.

Got obsessed with this game called "Seabeard"
and was so into it that I had to uninstall to quit.
Super cute, well made game.

More ink drawings inspired by Seabeard. Love that game.

Little girl with her puppy jumping up on her!

Snow bunny

Cute pup peeking at his boy's drawing.

Purrfect Dreams~! I wish I could sleep with my kittens
like this, but they don't like to sleep at night.

Made for National Cat Day!
Voodoo was my first fur baby with Ryan - he was a full black cat
and I miss him terribly. RIP Voodoo.

Another National Cat Day drawing.
Decaf and Fey being tired loves.

This little one is so pouty.
I was pouty too at the time haha.

Happy Halloween~!
Went back to brush and ink well for this one. It was a great
reminder of how much I love ink and that I should
do more with brushes. I end up defaulting to the pen so fast
because it's easy clean up.

Thanks for viewing and hope you had a happy October! Welcome, November!

Chelsea Loren Edwards

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