Monday, August 31, 2015

Large Update! Onto The Next Adventure!

A lot has happened since I last updated so I am going to do a big update here! Facebook recently shared an image that I worked on for India's Independence Day.

This is really exciting to me. It's the kind of work that I want to keep promoting - diversity! Check out the article here.

Let's go back in time a little. I was part of The Beehive Society's Missed Connections Pop-Up Art Show in July. Everything was based off of a Craig's List post from the Missed Connections section. As you have probably guessed ... things got weird. This is the piece I made for the show, along with the inspiration.

Digital with Mixed Media Overlay

I was unable to attend the show since Ryan and I had a Minnesotan reception to attend. It was a blast seeing his family and having my artwork on a cake!

 While we were visiting with Ryan's extended family, Facebook released more props I worked on for them! Of course I got to work on wedding items at some point. Check them out in the Facebook prop store (they're free!)

My time with Facebook came and went. I do think this was one of my more favorite jobs, and had such a pleasure working there. I hope I can do so again some day. I will miss all the amazing people I worked with.

Ryan and I hung out with friends, visited FB together, and a good friend of mine got me box of going-away cupcakes because ...

We moved! It has been draining and rewarding! I am so tired. We decided to do all of the difficult things in the same year: Start a new job, get married, & move across the country. That just means that next year will be easier ... right?

It was crazy to see our apartment all packed for us & our car being shipped out.
 On August 14th all of my stuff got packed for me and shipped across the country. On August 15th I did a red eye flight all the way to Orlando, Florida. On August 16th, I landed and of course immediately went to DISNEY WORLD! Who needs sleep?! I'll sleep when I'm dead! (Or now. I can sleep now.)

Of course not all of us are so thrilled with the move.

"Day 20. I am beginning to doubt I will ever see my cat tree again. Fey keeps eating from my food dish. Hope is diminishing by the day. They move us to a new room every week. This labyrinth of a house is designed to drive a cat insane. - Decaf" (written by Ryan Paulson)
So now we are here in Florida and I have to say I like it so far. We moved for Ryan's work - this is a great job for him and I am so proud. He has always been such a support for me, so now it's my turn. I am back to strictly freelance work for now, but I don't mind that. I rather enjoy the freedom it gives!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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