Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Magical Birthday

My buddy Marcus came back from Korea and I hadn't seen him in forever. It was really great to see him, I missed him a lot - it really had been a very long time, hyperbole aside.

Marcus, Ryan, & I made some cards for another friend, Sueann since it was her birthday! It was super awesome to all make cards together.

A handmade birthday card with a crow and a witch who is yelling "Happy Birthday Sueann!" made by Chelsea Loren Edwards (that's me!)

 This was a card I made for a her birthday. She likes witches :) and so do I! This was super fun - I need to remember to draw witches more often than just around Halloween. Both Marcus Sueann are artists so check out their stuff! Ryan also has a place he is throwing up his awesome comics! (Links on their names!)

We also all made map envelopes. I passed on my knowledge of envelope making to my friends (seriously it isn't that hard haha, and takes barely any time.)

Three envelopes made from maps for a friend.
All Three Envelopes! Marcus, Ryan, and Mine (From Left to Right)

Thanks to Sueann for this picture! Three handmade birthday cards on a table!
All The Cards! Thanks to Sueann for the picture!
Ryan's (Bottom Left), Mine (Top Middle), and Marcus's (Bottom Right)

Just look at all those fantastic cards :] Ryan, of course, made a pun based on DOTA haha. Hope you enjoyed all of these!

Little Red, out!

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