Thursday, June 26, 2014


I was feeling crafty lately and made some awesome envelopes from scrapbook paper and maps for handmade cards. I love making cards, but I have a hard time finding just envelopes for them unless I want to buy a bunch offline. Thanks to an awesome blog post from Oh Really Becky Forever I got inspired to do this. But I have a bone folder :>

My Mom's Mother's Day Card

My Grandma's Mother's Day Card

Ry's Grandmother's Mother's Day Card

Ry's Mom's Mother's Day Card

My Dad's Father's Day Card

My Step-Dad's Father's Day Card

Ry's Dad's Father's Day Card

My Papa Pauls's Father's Day Card

My Dad's Birthday Card
Now I can make awesome handmade envelopes for my handmade cards. Even better - now I know what I am going to do for my wedding invitations. Ryan already designed me my very own envelope. So exciting!

♥ Chelsea ♥

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