Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Halloween Remembrances

Technically this was a piece from back near Halloween that I just decided “Meh I’ll wrap it up” :p The story behind this is here, on my Halloween post.

Here are a few tidbits about me from this time in my life:

1. My friend and I were inseparable at this point so pretty much we could do no wrong in each other’s book. So me eating candy on her back she would have just laughed, and her calling me the heaviest creature alive I would have just ignored and kept eating candy.

2. I wasn’t actually this coordinated. And I am still not. I could never ride on anyone’s back without looking like a rag-doll, so candy would never happen.

3. If I could have eaten candy while riding around on people’s backs, I am pretty sure I would have become a blob demanding back rides all the time, never to walk again.

4. I am traditionally a brunette! My hair was always unruly and annoying when it was brown.

5. I am wearing a Dorothy dress from when I was 12. Yeah. I was pretty tiny.

6. I never wore heels so it made sense I hurt myself like an idiot. I still have those shoes.

7. I was and am still stubborn enough that when I am hurt, I am not easy to take care of. “Put me down! :< I can walk!! *bleeds everywhere* I’m fine! *walks at snail’s pace* See?! *slowly starts to kneel down and army crawls home*” Luckily, my friend would tell me to shut up and keep carrying me anyway.

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