Thursday, January 30, 2014

Brush Pens

I made this post a while back elsewhere, but I feel like it was worth mentioning on my sketchblog. Like I mentioned previously for my goals, I want to give some art tips this year and this is one of them!!
People were asking "What brush pens do you use?" These are them! The top pen was recommended to me from my friend, the fabulous Jemma Salume. I love it, but my heavy hand makes the actual brush pens smudge way too much. I still dabble with them from time to time. The next one is kind of more like a felt-tip pen, called IDentipen. Next is a pen the lovely Shiu Pei Luu intoduced to me. Again it is a full on brush pen. The silver/grey pen is a zebra (a brand that had really worked for me) and is one of my all time favorites! I also love the following blue pen, a Kuretake. The next pen I was introduced to by the awesome Robert Chew. It mixes very well with a water brush. The last brush is also a favorite and another zebra. These pens are all very good, I use them for different things. You will find your stride with brush pens the more you play with them!

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