Wednesday, December 11, 2013

San Francisco is Weird.

Today while out to coffee with friends I hadn't seen in a long time, we encountered a rather cranky woman who was sitting by herself. We had it decided for us that were were going to have to sit outside, since there were no available tables inside. There were five of us and four chairs which we shoved together. The older woman was sitting at a table with two other chairs, one of which had some bags and her purse, and the other was empty. One of my friends went over and politely asked if she was using the empty chair, to which the older woman replied there was a man coming to sit with her. Several minutes passed and my friend decided maybe she phrased the question wrong, and the woman just wasn't thinking of the other chair, so she goes over and politely asks if she needs both chairs. The woman angrily snaps in a strong Russian accent, "There is a man to sit there!!" We were all very startled and my friend abruptly sits down.

As we were all talking and laughing, an older man exited the coffee shop and sat down. We weren't surprised and none of us said anything about it, even though she still had her bags occupying one of the chairs. We kept having a fun conversation and then ... all of a sudden:


We all just stopped and looked at her. There were a few, "WOW"'s and "Oh"'s and I said "Really? We're outside!" My friend who had been asking for the chair earlier said "She's really not worth it." so we all ended up ignoring her comment and continuing on.

Eventually they both got up and left, but the best part was that she had this jacket on that matched her hair ... so from the back she looked kind of like a miniature yeti.

I honestly don't know what her problem was, but I would like to think maybe she was secretly a miniature yeti.

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