Monday, October 28, 2013

A Plethora of Adventures

I am making a couple of weird doll things haha I am debating between paper or a toy of it. And there are a few plans for it, one being making its outfits actual other forms of currency haha another being I could make a whole line of clothes for them. I dunno what I want to do quite yet, but I think the first logical step is to sculpt him. My friend, Sam, is an awesome sculptor (click the link!) and he is teaching me how to cast and mold toys. :D So once I get something fully sculpted then I can start making resin toys. I am really excited, this has always been a dream for me.

Any way, Ryan wouldn't stop making fun of this little guy and kept saying that he looked like Trogdor.


All of Ryan's ridicule brought up trying to recall what Trogdor the Burninator actually looked like (burninating the countryside, burninating the peasa- AHEM sorry) and so this led me to draw Trogdor from memory. :/ Kind of close? I was impressed that I remembered a resemblance of him, although I had Ryan shouting at me "Consummate V's! I said CONSUMMATE!"

Strongbad doesn't care about resemblances though :< I would get an S.

Also I added one of my personal favorites to my Society6 shop today - An Afternoon Adventure! Go check it out by clicking on the links! Hope you are all having an awesome Monday!

♥ Chelsea ♥

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