Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disney Adventures

Hey all! Let's get you up to date.

As posted before, I am engaged to my significant other of 10 years. Ryan proposed on our anniversary of when we first met in person. It's crazy to think we have been together that long. Sometimes time moves by you in strange ways. Looking back, it feels like only a few days ago we were moving in together and talking about getting a cat - now we have two! I am really excited for the wedding and still working on picking a date and all that jazz. When it comes to weddings, I was never the one to think about what I wanted. Now video games on the other hand ... :9

I started working at Breaktime Studios in mid-June. I really love the people there and I am working on this super adorable game called Mouse Town. ♥ Been making a lot of fun stuff lately~ (Also I will be posting my TinyCo work soon too! If you have visited my portfolio, there are pieces in there)

We went to Disneyland to celebrate the new job and had a blast, although we killed ourselves with walking around so much. So many blisters! :< Ryan carried me multiple times to save my frail artist body. Here is a diagram to help you understand:

Yeah so not great circumstances. Looking back, I should have taken better shoes, but the first day I wanted to dress as Belle and break my feet in twain. Fun times!

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