Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long Picture Update

Holy cow it has been a busy past year and a half!! Wanted to give an update haha:

Ryan Graduates!
Like a Boss
My Gradumatation!
People playing the game my group made :D THE MOLE!
Oyster Hat!!
Adventure Time!!
My Crazy Awesome Coworkers
APE Booth Buds!
You like?
Moar APE
Christmas with Ryan's Family
Making awesome ornaments with coworkers!
Casa Mila by Gaudi!!
Crazy Architecture in Casa Mila
My camera freaking out with all the awesome
Guell Park
Toy Museum!!

Columbus Monument Lion
The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia
Ohh Boy! Just about to go into ....
La Sagrada Famila
Interior Panorama
Just chillin' at the Sagrada Familia
Another Full View~
Look at that awesome architecture - the pillars are based off of trees!
Amazing stained glass!

Engaged! ♥

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