Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bears and Movies

Went with my friend and Ryan to Brave. Have to say, it is pretty darn amazing. I had my initial doubts before seeing it just because I thought it seemed to serious when they first started marketing, but when I saw the movie it was entertaining and heartwarming. I will go into this further after it has been out for a while, but it really hit me on a personal level. Brave is fun for everyone and I really love the characters. I think they are the most well researched characters that Pixar has done. The accents and character development is amazing. :3

At any rate, while we were waiting in line, my friend and I doodled a bit in watercolour pencils and I started drawing a couple cutesy animals.

And then this happened.

So to the people who think that this yellow bear would have an adorable voice ... You are wrong. :\ It would be Dr. Barber's voice. o-o; Then Ryan drew it and I couloured it for him. Finally, he suggested I make a friend for the creepy bear that was inverse of him. This is what happens when I am tired and don't know what to draw. Creepy things happen. :[

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