Friday, March 2, 2012


I drew all of these a while back, right after the massive black workshop. I wanted to draw some more realism so I just grabbed magazine pages and drew them.

These were my first and I knew I needed to get back into drawing realistic things after seeing these haha! So on I drew.

These were my next batch - I could already tell I was doing better, but not until the last drawing.

 These were my last for a while. I did all of the above drawings during a busy family vacation weekend haha. My favorite is the most rendered dress - my brother wanted to see me render clothing more. He hasn't posted in a while, but you should check him out.

I did these a few weeks ago this year. I want to draw more realism. :] When I was at the massive black workshop speaking with Jana Schirmer, she inspired me to use my classic education to further my stylized pieces. She is a phenomenal artist and I feel like she was very right.

♥ Chelsea ♥

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