Monday, October 3, 2011

Neverwhere Nuisance

Wow I am slow for posting :[ I get everything updated asap. Been pretty busy on this end with school and such - I am almost graduated! I have been working on some concept art for "Neverwhere" (Neil Gaiman's story) this semester and so far it has been really ... interesting ... I am learning a lot.

Here is what I have been learning so far:

♥ Story is the most important thing. Characters, clothing, environments, and so on are all in
response to the story. They come second.

♥ Clarity is key - rendering, cool designs ... those come later after you have made really clear images.

♥ Characters are drawn from the inside out. All of the personality of the character should show through in the design.

♥ Draw characters with movement first - wire frames. Clothing comes later. What would your character do? Who is your character? Define him/her for the audience.

♥ When drawing something out of your mind/unreal, start with shapes. Then translate it into the design.

Here's my design work so far:

That's all, folks.
♥ Chelsea ♥

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