Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Draw, draw, draw some more!

Sooooo I got a new pen, and I am doodling a lot more >.>; I like doodling. Also, coming up with stories and comix stuffs. I am pretty exited about doing it, but I also need to JUST DO IT ALREADY!! It's a long writing process right now -.-;

Any who! I am currently enrolled in two classes, one of which being Drawing for Film and Game, and the other is Advanced Children's Books. Yay! Ryan pointed out that this was a good sign - one children's book class and one visual development class for my last semester. Lucky~ Just what I want to do :D Yay~!

And now arts.

These are old - I am being lazy and not scanning stuff in >.>;

Thanks for Lookin'!

♥ Chelsea ♥

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