Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Whoops, keep disappearing. Been pretty busy with writing my comic and concept arting it out. x9 I am excited to see what it turns out like. Also been working on Ryan's comic! So funny. I feel bad I can't post it yet. Right now, Ryan and I have all the characters drawn up along with some of the pages, it's jut a matter of refining. His is so much quicker than mine! D:

Oh yeah, you probably will never see my "awesome" comic due to my lack of being able to get anything done on it.

Here's a 45 minute study of a tiger. I had an adorable sleepy kitten in my lap the whole time, so I honestly don't know if this really even took that long. So many pet breaks. ♥ The original photo was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Sooper-Deviant, on Deviant Art. Check him out. He has some of the most phenomenal animal photos and he is really prolific.


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