Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ahh! Real Monsters!

Moar artz! This was Egypt-themed but I really wanted to draw a kids room and I wanted to attempt viewing it from different perspectives. I think it worked out pretty darn well. I discovered how much I LOVE drawing architecture and scenery. Putting a room together is as much fun as making a character for me. ♥ I really love it. Honestly, I don't think I would mind working as a background designer or a prop designer ... I thought I would, but I love it a lot more. Even landscapes have more meaning to me now, whereas before I thought it would be daunting to make a scene with no people. For this project, I would have preferred not to have put anyone in this at all and just made the room. That's how much I ♥ doing this.

Lately I have been wanting to do more traditional art work ... I get a craving sometimes. These were all drawings, but I wanted to do painting. I think I will go back -work on the perspective and the rooms a bit more - and paint these in gouache. I recently just did a gouache painting (which I haven't done since summer of 2009 ... and those were all flat colours) for my cousin's graduation and I love how it turned out. After I finish posting all of these drawings I will post it. But 'til then ... squirm with anticipation!!

P.S. To all of the people who know what the title refers to. Yes. I love that show. ;9

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