Friday, May 14, 2010

Geeking out time for aminals

Okay so I am a total dork and feel like I have to show off my awesome animals. SRSLY.
This is Max. He's my mom and step-dad's big puppy. ♥

He's really old now, but he's a puppy at heart.
The new addition to my mom's family ...

Is Maggie. Short for Magnolia.

Don't let her adorableness fool you. She's a biter.

And these are my boys. ♥ Playing Bideo Gamuz.

His name is Voodoo and Ryan and I both adore him. We rescued him from a Shelter and now he's our kitty.

He made himself at home real fast.

He's very curious and not scared of anything.

And he's secretly a mermaid.

As well as a bag lady.

And maybe even a pissed off jester.

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