Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Owl Woman

My teacher said we were going to do creature design and he gave us three topics: Unemployed superhero, dream thief, and snow beast's daughter. I don't know why, but when I heard "snow beast daughter" my mind immediately went to "snow owl" and "beautiful woman" ... I think it was partially because I read a story a while back about an owl girl by Neil Gaiman. It was written in a different style than he normally writes in and I just really loved it. Of course this is an entirely different depiction from that of the owl girl in his story. I would think that she is more adorable than elegant. This particular owl woman is not necessarily someone who would be troubling to meet, but she would be intimidating with her height. Their culture is a peaceful one, although they often frighten those who stumble upon them with their large, rusted or overly ornate weapons. The owl woman whom I painted here is a light-bringer, a guide to those who have lost their way in the snowy winds. Her father, who wishes to marry her to a strong man from their culture, does not approve of her helping "those who cannot be helped" and her love for them. But she is stubborn and loses herself in their culture.


Illuminator Samu said...

Awesome color Chels. Love it!

Justin said...

This is pretty sick chelsea. Great colors, and awesome design