Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chelsea Loves Free Stuff

Welllll since school has been out i's been harder for me to focus on art, what living with my boyfriend in San Francisco and all. You know ... it's not that exciting or anything like that. Pff.

Any who ... I have been really busy here with family and friends coming over all the time now to see my new place AND THE SIMS 3 CAME OUT. HAPPY DAY! I love the sim games and have been following them since they first started. So if you have something bad to say about them KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! ;[

Sexy sexy sims.

I've also been going to all the free events I possibly can which includes the zoo and the California Academy of Sciences which I <3. It's really an AMAZING place. Everyone needs to go there. Now I go to the zoo almost every month and lately I have been going with Ryan, my boyfriend. :] So here are a some of our pictures.

And now for the real animals. ;]

I'm pretty sure the kids that were watching us thought we were crazy.


Woo. So that was our first trip to the zoo. :] Here are some drawings fromt the second trip. It was so cool, they brought out all of the birds of prey. The birds were just sitting there on the perches and they fed the owls while we were there. :] The eagle was really active and turning his head all the time. And all of the owls were asleep [obviously] but they woke them up for feeding time and they were soooo cute since they were sleepy. The one at the bottom was captured when she was a baby by some people who just wanted a baby owl and so she is unable to live on her own - she doesn't have any clue what to do. She's about 40 years old. And the barn owl has a few mental issues and takes a lot of effort to feed him, but apparently when he flies you can't hear him at all.

And here is a drawing from my visit to the California Academy of Sciences Museum <3
I'm not going to give you any pictures yet because i want people to go!! D: Seriously it is epicccc.

So yeah that's what I've been up to. :] Have an awesome day people.

<3, Chelsea

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